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New Summit Restaurant in the Swiss Alps with Aluminum Facade

New-Summit-Swiss-Alps-Restaurant-with-an-Aluminum-Facade-3 New-Summit-Swiss-Alps-Restaurant-with-an-Aluminum-Facade-1 New-Summit-Swiss-Alps-Restaurant-with-an-Aluminum-Facade-2 New-Summit-Swiss-Alps-Restaurant-with-an-Aluminum-Facade-4 SONY DSC Kirche Altstetten Kirche Altstetten Kirche Altstetten

The New Summit Restaurant - Neubau Gipfelrestaurant Weisshorn – in Arosa in the Swiss Alps is created by Tilla Theus. It has an amazing 360 degrees’ view and a shining aluminum facade. 


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Ufogel by Peter Jungmann

Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 1 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 2 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 3 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 4 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 5 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 6 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 7 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 8 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 9 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 10 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 11 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 12 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 13 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 14 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 15 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 16 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 17 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 18 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 19 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 20 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 21 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 22 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 23 Ufogel by Peter Jungmann 24

So beautiful! I absolutely love this.
This is “The Ufogel“. No matter where you are in the 45 m2 multi-functional Ufogel, you always have a view to wood and the sky – offering the sense of security and openness at the same time. It’s truly a wooden retreat – made by Peter Jungmann and located in Lienz, Austria.


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Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest

Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest 1 Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest 2 Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest 3 Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest 4

Located in a forest on the mountains of Almaty in Kazakhstan, architect Aibek Almasov of A.Masow Design Studio has designed a concept for a modern spiritual retreat. The project, known as “Tree in the house”, presents a cylindrical, four-story glass space featuring an encased tree in the center. A winding white staircase allows visitors who enter the “tree house” to ascend the towering space, spiraling upward around the centric tree.

The intention behind the transparent architectural structure, tucked away in a sea of lofty fir trees, is to merge manmade industrial design with nature and “give up some unnecessary conditions and things.” The project aims to offer an alternative to bustling city life and stifling urban structures by fusing a a protective house and a natural environment without creating a visual separation.



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Sahara’s Atlas Mountains Inspired Dining Table

Saharas-Atlas-Mountains-Inspired-Dining-Table-1 Saharas-Atlas-Mountains-Inspired-Dining-Table-2 Saharas-Atlas-Mountains-Inspired-Dining-Table-3 Saharas-Atlas-Mountains-Inspired-Dining-Table-4

European design and architecture firm, The Fundamental Group, focuses on holistic living and lifestyle– and their designs and products embody it all. From being recognized in international publications such as Elle, Vogue and Brigitte, this small group is getting their beautiful work out there.

The “Atlas” table is one of their amazing oak/smoked oak tables with a brass base that makes a huge room statement. The inspiration behind it are the Atlas Mountains, that border the Sahara desert. With their integral math skills, the creative wood blocks are put together with a beautiful juxtaposition and wondrously seamless integration.



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Climb mountains

quotes_climb mountains



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Monte Rosa Hut Altitude Shelter in the Swiss Alps

Monte-Rosa-Hut-Altitude-Shelter-in-the-Swiss-Alps-1 Monte-Rosa-Hut-Altitude-Shelter-in-the-Swiss-Alps-2 Monte-Rosa-Hut-Altitude-Shelter-in-the-Swiss-Alps-3 Monte-Rosa-Hut-Altitude-Shelter-in-the-Swiss-Alps-5


This is absolutely stunning!

A&D firm Bearth & Deplazes Architekten created a five story ‘hut’ that replaced an old, run-down hut for those attempting the climbs who need to partake in some refuge.

This completely contemporary structure gives the nomadic hikers a place to get clean, eat, sleep and meet other travelers on their way. Of course, there is also the fact that there may be times when out on the mountains one may need to take shelter against the elements. Able to shelter 120 guests, the Monte Rosa Hut’s amazing naturally lit interior is partially due to the glazed ‘strip’ that surrounds the staircase for all to take in the amazing views.



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Wideroe – Grandpa’s magic trick

Cute! This Norwegian commercial was chosen by AdWeek as one of the ten most beautiful commercials of 2012 and it definitely deserved it’s spot.


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Quicksilver presents Candide Thovex’s Few Words

Quiksilver presents Candide Thovex’s first feature-length film “Few Words”. This is just a teaser. But God – it’s a must-see if you like skiing! Such beautiful pictures!


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Norwegian National Tourist Route: Trollstigen

Wow. These photos make me miss Norway! Such a stunningly beautiful country.

Planned by Reiulf Ramstad Architects, the “Trollstigen” building in Romsdalen is a part of a popular tourist route that is only accessible at Summer time.

This space is virtually a visitor’s center, and RRA describes the program as the architecture being “characterised by clear and precise transitions between planned zones and the natural landscape.” All of the materials from the glazing to the stone and metal were planned with the harsh weather conditions in mind.


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Dry Stone Contemporary Home In The Pyrenees Mountains, Spain

Even with only two facades facing two separate valleys of the Pyrenees mountains in Spain, it’s safe to say that this house is one of a kind. The structure is made out of dry stone which is apparently a technique used in the Pyrenees to help support the ever unstable earth. In making sure of the compactness, creating minimum openings, obscurely shaped  interiors, and weight distribution.

Though it’s pretty bare looking, Cadaval & Sola-Morales Design has incorporated  built in shelves along the bottom portion of the wall and all of the necessities are there.


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Elqui Domo Night Sky Viewing Cabins In Chile

Architects Rodrigo Duque Motta are behind the 2011 renovation of a small site called ‘Elqui Domo’ with a few cabin style hotel rooms in the Valle Del Elqui in Chile. The land that the project is situated on is in between the Andes Mountains, making for some amazing weather and night sky views for astronomy.

So the latest designs in cabins feature fabric domes that have unique roof hatches to enable the guests to watch the stars from the comfort of their room. The renewed rooms  have a great play on the textiles used, and they feel light, bright, and airy.

Each cabin is multi-tiered, allowing the vacationers to feel as if there are differentiating spaces within the one small space and still keep things specially unique.

Roof decks make the cabins that much more personalized and true to the surrounding nature and landscape, all while keeping guests interested and maximizing their vertical space.


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