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D*Haus Dynamic

Dynamic-Modular-Home-Design-by-D-Haus Dynamic-Modular-Home-Design-by-D-Haus-1

Modular homes don’t always mean that the utmost of luxury is on the horizon – but the D*Haus constructed typical is a surefire way to get a more upscale version of prefabricated luxury spaces out there. There isn’t a minimum or maximum to bedrooms available, and there are various versions available; ranging from D*Static to D*Lux.

Marketed as a house for all seasons, the various combinations available for the D*Haus modular homes are really infinite. Even within the normal modular configurations, the homes can transform throughout the day. Shapes and perspectives can change by the minute, with just some simple folds. Glass facades and external walls changing to interior walls are all apart of the standard designs with D*Haus.



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Un-instrusive Pop Up Street Furniture of the Netherlands

Un-Intrusive-Pop-Up-Street-Furniture-of-The-Netherlands-1 Un-Intrusive-Pop-Up-Street-Furniture-of-The-Netherlands-2

Street art and furniture in public places tends to be the last thing on the minds of public planners. Many artists have been branching out into more creative and innovative ways of putting inviting and interesting designs for the general public. Carmela Bogman and Rogier Martin of The Netherlands have come up with an interactive design for the people.

By utilizing a hydraulic system, users can determine which pieces to bring up and determine their own seated or standing heights to set the modular blocks at. There are three retractable pieces that come up to function as a lounge area, eating spot or meeting place – or just lower them all down to be flush with the cement to keep the flow of traffic moving.



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Poetic Cosmos of the Breath by Tomas Saraceno

Poetic Cosmos of the Breath was an experimental solar dome created by artist Tomas Saraceno. It was launched at dawn on 22 September 2007 at Gunpowder Park, Essex, UK. Commissioned by The Arts Catalyst.

Saraceno is an artist and architect whose utopian visions for cities that float in the air has led him to create a series of experimental structures such as balloons or inflatable modular platforms that can be inhabited and exploit natural energies.

For The Arts Catalyst’s 2nd International Artists Airshow, Saraceno was commissioned to create one of these experimental structures. Despite being postponed due to heavy rain, this successful launch was finally achieved in September.

Poetic Cosmos of the Breath was funded by Arts Council of England, East, and the Henry Moore Foundation.


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