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Modular Suburbia Wall Storage by Seletti

Modular-Suburbia-Wall-Storage-by-Seletti-1 Modular-Suburbia-Wall-Storage-by-Seletti-2 Suburbia - Seletti

I’m a huge fan of beautiful architecture and wood work. And this combination is awesome.

The Suburbia Wall Storage is designed by Note Design Studio. By Seletti.

Suburbia is a clever interpretation of the classic wall storage unit. When Suburbia is laid flat on a table or shelf, the architecture of small neighborhood complete with homes, fences, trees, and even a swimming pool emerges. Hang it on the wall and each building becomes a storage compartment, the trees become hooks, the swimming pool becomes a mirror and a paper clip and small cork memo board are revealed. This useful and versatile unit can find a home for all the sundries in kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

You can buy one for yourself right here.



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Collerette – a footstool, armchair and blanket in one

This is definitely not a beautiful piece of furniture. But I think, we’ve all tried having the problem, which it solves!

Collerette is Italian design from Casamania – and a footstool, armchair and blanket all in one piece.


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Lamps Made from Sawmill Waste and Tree Branches Embedded with Resin and LEDs

For his Brecce collection, Italian designer Marco Stefanelli devised an ingenious way of removing fragments from sawmill scraps, tree branches, and cement fragments, and replacing them with perfectly sculpted resin embedded with LEDs. The resulting lamps retain the organic nature of their original form yet cast a beautifully subdued light.


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