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Stainless steel slide for emergency use in Shanghai

Stainless-Steel-Slide-For-Use-In-Shanghai-Emergencies-1 Stainless-Steel-Slide-For-Use-In-Shanghai-Emergencies-2 Stainless-Steel-Slide-For-Use-In-Shanghai-Emergencies-3 Stainless-Steel-Slide-For-Use-In-Shanghai-Emergencies-4

You don’t need to have followed my blog for long to know, that I love indoor slides. This one too! Even though it’s made for another purpose than just fun and play.

Inventor Zhou Miaorong came up with a great addition to a five story building in Shanghai, China that allows occupants to escape quickly. While swirling slides have been seen more often in residential spaces, this particular slide is for a serious purpose.

According to the inventor, people who may need to escape can deploy the slide with the press of a button, and those using the slide would be able to escape from a 5-floor building in 14 seconds. Though it’s a prototype for now in this residential space, patents have been obtained for the safety conscious slide in Shanghai.



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The Brain by Olson Kundig Architects

The ultimate inventor’s paradise resides in the woods of Seattle, Washington– and it’s called “The Brain.”

Designed by Olson Kundig Architects, this space is 14,280 cubic feet and is less of a workshop and more of a place for thinking. The client is a film writer who looks to various outlets for ideas and solutions to current and upcoming creative works. Essentially, it is a gigantic concrete structure with metal paned floor to ceiling glazing and a lookout mezzanine.


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