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Street Art: Home is where the heart is – by Aida Gomez

home is where the heart is by Aida Gomez 1 home is where the heart is by Aida Gomez 2 a home is where the heart is by Aida Gomez 2 b home is where the heart is by Aida Gomez 3 home is where the heart is by Aida Gomez 4

Instead of calling this street art, I want to call it street heart.
Aida Gomez, who is the artist behind these, calls it: “Home is where the heart is”.



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Love your V

love your v



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Even though he had a small heart

quotes_Even though he had a small heart_winnie the pookh and piglet


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Handcrafted Wooden Faced Sunglasses by Tumbleweeds Handcraft

Doug and Beca - Handcrafted Wooden Faced Sunglasses Heart Lolita

Great handcrafted wooden faced sunglasses by Doug and Beca of Tumbleweeds Handcraft – in various wood sorts. Awesome. You can buy them here.



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The Love Letter Ring by One Origin

The Love Letter Ring by One Origin 1 The Love Letter Ring by One Origin 2

One Origin jewelry will take your wedding vows, love letters or any words from the heart and bind them together in a custom ring that can be worn upon your finger.

The I (Thou) Ring, they call it.



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Not only sometimes!

quotes_not only sometimes



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Lovely Heart Straws

The Heart Straws are great for milkshakes and smoothies, cocktails and sodas… and of course, perfect for weddings, valentines… and teenagers in love!


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The dots will connect – by Steve Jobs


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Street Art: When Love Makes You Sick

Unfortunately I don’t know, which street artist created this. So I’ve named in myself. And I really like it!


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Don’t Play With Someone Else’s Emotions


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Winnie the Pooh Thotful Spot – Friendship

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Farewell 2011. A Pleasure To Meet You, 2012

At the end of each year I always think back on the year. I remember and I reflect. During Christmas vacation I did the same. I’ll let you in on my thoughts in this blog post, if you just continue reading …

The past two years the new years round ups have been in Danish. This year I have chosen English. Thanks to social platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, thanks to bloggers around the world – and thanks to my networking skills and the content you normally find here on the blog, I have gained even more friends and network around the planet during 2011. I am truly grateful and extremely happy that I can go to Barcelona and meet up with Swiss Instagram and Foursquare friends. I can redecorate my home office in to a guest room and have a friend from Tokyo, who I know from Instagram, staying with me. He had seen my Copenhagen photos – and had fallen in love with the city. We had a blast! I share blog content with some of the biggest inspiration blogs in France, Russia, Germany and Hungary. And afterwards the bloggers and I share (a photo of) a beer on Path or Instagram. I love that. And I love how we inspire each other.

This makes me feel united. United to people all over the world. Since these people have a digital behavior and sharing mentality like myself, I know more about their everyday life, than I do with my analogue friends. And we become friends. Just the other day a friend from Amsterdam came by my place around midnight to pick up a vintage beer crate, I bought for her a couple of months ago. She saw an Instagram photo of mine with the beer crate on it. I bought it for her. And now, since she was spending New Years in Copenhagen, she came by for a beer. We talked like we’d known each other for a year and a half. Which we have… on Twitter and Instragram. I have people to go out with, drink beer and hot chocolate with and to show me the greatest places, no matter if I go to India, Mexico, or Japan. Or Portland, London, Budapest, Athens, or Saint Petersburg. How cool is this!

And I look forward to meeting even more cool and inspiring people at SXSW in Austin in March.

Over all
I actually don’t remember much from the first 6 months of 2011. Yeah, I remember great concerts at Vega. I know of wonderful times with friends. But what I remember the most was frustration at work and fighting for integration and the implementation of digital mindset and understanding. I don’t think I should have to fight for what’s completely natural to me.

I have taken big decisions this year. I had my eyes opened up to different kinds of work life. I left People Group. I bought the apartment in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, which I’d been renting for 2 years. I had it completely renovated. I decided to start up on my own work wise. And all this in just about 4 months.

It’s been incredibly hard. I know stress symptoms very well. But with these many things going on at the same time, my body energy right of a sudden quit playing along.

My blog is doing very well. It’s actually been decreasing in daily views – from 5.000-9.000 daily views to 4.000-6.000. But during the same period of time the number of people who enter the front page of laurajul.dk has increased with 100 %, which is quite amazing. So these people see more than just one post with one view.

I think my blog will change its appearance during 2012.

The concept of FraekFredag developed too during 2011. I post more dirty stuff on Fridays. More NSFW. But FraekFredag to me is still what lies between pornography and plain nudity with no edge, humor, or aestethics.

On Twitter and Google+ you can always check out the hashtag to find other people’s #fraekfredag finds or tweets.

And I will really recommend all women to check out more dirty blogs. If you’re not already satisfied with your body, you definitely become so. My God, there’s a lot of weird stuff out there… and weird looking body parts.

I didn’t fall in love in 2011. I met interesting men. I met hot and funny guys. But butterflies were simply not a part of my year. During periods of the year I even said no to each and every coffee, beer or dinner date, that I was offered. My focus was elsewhere. And if I wasn’t extremely curious, I didn’t bother. I didn’t feel the need.

I am very privileged when it comes to meeting men and getting offers. I am grateful for the fact that many men find me interesting, inspiring and someone they’d like to get to know. What I find hard, though, is finding that someone who keeps on making me curious for more. I listen to my curiosity. And if it’s there, I just ask. Or I just tell. It’s actually very simple.

In 2011 I’ve met a lot of men, who were already in relationships – or who just came out of a relationship. I think it’s because of my age. At this age most of us would like to be in a relationship. But I can’t use these men for more than a flirt and a compliment. I would never want to share my man. And I believe in finding your independent self in between relationships.

Some people say that opposites attract. But that doesn’t work with me. What make me curious are men, who are my equal. Who I share interests with. Or lifestyle. Or who I even look like. The opposites and challenges will be there anyway, because we don’t share the same gender.

I love being part of a big family. And I love my big family! But this past year family members have also made me cry out of empathy, worry about leaving life, and extremely proud of the way they are and deal with people and with life.

My youngest sister went on a world travel. She sees more of the world this year, and meet more different cultures, than most people do in a lifetime. One of my brothers has taken a major step in his personal development dealing with himself in a whole new and mature way. Seeing his self-esteem become stronger and knowing that he is now brave enough to tell people, how he really feels, makes me so proud, that I have to keep my eyes from tearing up, when just writing about it.

My dad had a clot in his heart two months ago. It was surprising to all of us, since he’s nether overweight, a smoker or eating unhealthy. I was happy with my network at Twitter the evening, it happened. I needed to hear from people, who had positive experiences with emergency bypass operations. I needed the comfort. And what I love about humanity is, that all you need to do is to speak up! Comfort is right there. Just one tweet away. If you let them know, that you need it. For the first time in my life I had to deal with the fact that one day life will take away my parents. I am so not ready for that. And I’m glad that neither is my dad.

Even though my mom will retire in a couple of years, she was just promoted. She makes me prouder, than she even knows. Not because of her promotion. But because of her insight and way of dealing with people. She is truly the person on Earth with the biggest heart. And with huge talent in using it to help people and understand different needs and personalities. I truly admire her gift.

I think compliments are a beautiful part of every day life. And I can’t understand why so many people give so few. When I feel something beautiful about the person next to me, I let them know. Also if it’s the first time ever, that I meet them. Because if I don’t, it makes me feel untrue to myself. I think, that more people would dare to give compliments, if they weren’t so afraid of what other people thought about them. Or if they just lived more in the moment. I really have nothing to lose. But I have amazing moments to gain. The surprising look, the love in their eyes, the truly gratefulness that makes their whole body shine… that I gain, whenever I say a compliment out loud. Those moments are life at it’s best. And I really think everyone should dare more. Don’t just notice your colleague’s new shirt or hair. Credit it. Credit their shine, smell, eyes, behavior, act, voice, work, words, or impact. Each day people make an effort! Credit the effort.

In November I met some awesome people on a trip to London. I had 3, to me, extremely beautiful compliments on the same day. They all stuck with me through out the rest of the year. And made me believe even more in what I do. The reason why, was that they came from 3 different people, who I had just met one day earlier. These people have different talents than me. And I was completely fascinated by them and their personalities as soon as I met them.

These are the compliments I got from them:
“I want to be in your group. I listen to you”
“Laura, I really like the way you think”
“Laura, you’re an influencer”

I was deeply touched by these compliments. And even though I had noticed that they all listened to me, and all acted as if they liked me, the fact that they looked me in the eyes and told me with words, meant the world to me.

During this Christmas I had a dream that is important for me not to forget when I’m awake. I dreamed that I was walking on a road on my way to something. Then right there in front of me there was a newborn baby lying in the gutter. It was wrapped in just a blanket. And of course I stopped. I picked it up and pulled it in to me, and brought it along, since a baby cannot just be lying in the gutter by itself. Then when I arrived with the baby, people started to question, why on earth I would bring a baby. That wasn’t my responsibility. Why did I intervene… Their reaction surprised me. Because to me, it was the most natural thing in the world to take care of a helpless baby. Switch to next scene, where I’m in a car with the same people… on our way to something. And right of a sudden, I realize that I have forgot the baby in the house.

This is really my life challenge: That I’m bad at taking care of myself. Deep down inside I know that I have to. It’s in my nature to care. But then exciting things happen. And there’s so much fun stuff, I want to do… and then I’m on my way… and then I forget. I forget to take care of myself.

I’ve known this for many years. And when I look at 2011, I also know that I do become better at it. But I still have to work on it. I have to spend more time with myself. With no plans. With one-way entertainment, where I am the one receiving. So I can be there for me.

New Years
When I went to Bornholm for Christmas this year, I really needed the vacation. I needed not to think about work, client management, project management, finance – and all these new work areas that came along with the decision to start up LauraJul & Co. I needed not to have all responsibility. To have someone who could take part in decisions. And someone to take care of me. Allowing me to do nothing at all.

I watched TV. I took naps. I got sick, of course, from finally letting my body relax. And then I went back to Copenhagen to round up the year with great friends. What I love about December 31st is, that when you meet people on the street or in a store, you wish them Happy New Year. This day people talk to strangers. They even wish them well! I love this. And I think we all should wish strangers a good day many more days a year.

New Year’s Eve I always feel the urge to tell people, how I’m deeply grateful for having them in my life. I feel like hugging and kissing everyone around me. So we had a blast at our party (again) this year ;)

I want to thank you for being a part of my 2011. For following my blog. And for caring (or being curious) enough to read this far.

These are the things, I had too little of in 2011. So more of these things in 2012:

I wish you all the best in 2012! #heart
- Laura


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Your Heart Is A Weapon


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A Decision To Make


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Your Heart Decides


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