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IKEA: One room paradise

IKEA One Room Paradise Music Video 1 IKEA One Room Paradise Music Video 2 IKEA One Room Paradise Music Video 3

This commercial is a bit long. But it’s well made.
IKEA is launching a new campaign, titled ‘Make Small Spaces Big’, which examines how space efficiency can improve your life at home. Their new TV advert, “One Room Paradise”, is a film showing how one doll and her son make the most of their small space thanks to solutions from IKEA.



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Sahara’s Atlas Mountains Inspired Dining Table

Saharas-Atlas-Mountains-Inspired-Dining-Table-1 Saharas-Atlas-Mountains-Inspired-Dining-Table-2 Saharas-Atlas-Mountains-Inspired-Dining-Table-3 Saharas-Atlas-Mountains-Inspired-Dining-Table-4

European design and architecture firm, The Fundamental Group, focuses on holistic living and lifestyle– and their designs and products embody it all. From being recognized in international publications such as Elle, Vogue and Brigitte, this small group is getting their beautiful work out there.

The “Atlas” table is one of their amazing oak/smoked oak tables with a brass base that makes a huge room statement. The inspiration behind it are the Atlas Mountains, that border the Sahara desert. With their integral math skills, the creative wood blocks are put together with a beautiful juxtaposition and wondrously seamless integration.



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Recycled Plastic Crates Turned Into Storage Solution

Recylced-Plastic-Crates-Turned-Home-Storage-Solution-1 Recylced-Plastic-Crates-Turned-Home-Storage-Solution-2 Recylced-Plastic-Crates-Turned-Home-Storage-Solution-3 Recylced-Plastic-Crates-Turned-Home-Storage-Solution-4 Recylced-Plastic-Crates-Turned-Home-Storage-Solution-6

Home storage doesn’t always have to be crafted from wood, metal or your usual findings – but it can instead be a fun and colorful experience while recycling other items. Repurposed plastic crates from various places are all fitted within the metal frame by Dutch designer Mark van der Gronden.


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Squishy Chairs by Annie Evelyn

Squishy Chairs by Annie Evelyn 1 Squishy Chairs by Annie Evelyn 2 Squishy Chairs by Annie Evelyn 3 Squishy Chairs by Annie Evelyn 4 Squishy Chairs by Annie Evelyn 5

These great squishy chairs are created by Annie Evelyn.



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Play by Ana Babic for Jasen


This adorable toy storage by Serbian designer Ana Babic was inspired by playgrounds and their cheerful atmosphere. The goal was to transcend this feeling into interiors, using an object that invites you to play.

Play is a storage box system, consisting of a wheel construction that carries 5 wooden boxes with different color accents.



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Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture

Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 1 Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 2 Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 3 Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 4 Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 5 Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 6 Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 7 Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 8 Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 9 Bae Sehwa’s Beautifully Bent Furniture 10

Bae Sehwa’s steamed bentwood furniture ripples in airy and sinewy ways to curve around the human body. The precision in each piece is not accidental. It’s acutely planned. Sehwa digitally renders and manipulates geometric forms then returns to the actual physical form, steaming and bending the wood into a mold under a tight watch. The result is functional, organically smooth, and flawless.

According to R Gallery, “Bae Sehwa’s work is derived from the Korean concept of baesanimsu, meaning the back of the mountain and front of the water and he draws heavily from the profound connection to nature in traditional Korean theories of divination. The steam bent wooden frame of this lounge offers a narrative that includes both the tranquil, meditative qualities of flowing water and the strong, comforting silhouette of a mountain.”



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Plywood Growth Table made for all Ages, Shapes and Sizes

Plywood-Growth-Table-Made-For-All-Ages-Shapes-Sizes-1 Plywood-Growth-Table-Made-For-All-Ages-Shapes-Sizes-2 Plywood-Growth-Table-Made-For-All-Ages-Shapes-Sizes-3 Plywood-Growth-Table-Made-For-All-Ages-Shapes-Sizes-4 Plywood-Growth-Table-Made-For-All-Ages-Shapes-Sizes-5 td_Growth Table drawing to trace for Illustrator

Designers Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn have created an interesting seating arrangement for kids of all age ranges and sizes.

And what better way to keep little ones attention content for hours on end than with a perfectly proportioned workspace? The design duo created this table with spatial relationships, design related principles and information or working environments in mind. The Growth Table creates a range of scales that attracts older children and adults to engage in creating art and collaborative efforts.



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Heineken: The Negotiation

Heineken - The Negotiation

Watch what happens in Heineken’s stunt, when football fans try to convince their ladies to buy stadium seats for the home.



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Abri Boca Living Pod by Philipp Sussmann

Abri-Boca-Living-Pod by Philipp Sussmann 1 Abri-Boca-Living-Pod by Philipp Sussmann 2

Check out this gorgeous Abri Boca Living Pod designed by Philipp Süssmann.



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Dynamic Home for Bees by Atelierd

Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-1 Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-2 Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-3 Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-4 Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-5

Sitting at 215 square feet, atelierd created a great looking “Bee Pavilion” in Alsace, France, with hexagonal structures. These geometric pieces are covered by a roof that allows breeze yet blocks direct sunlight out of the middle portion.

Overall, the area is dynamic – and not to mention visually stimulating. Each pod has a unique core with various textures, geometry and colors. Some are left with nothing inside so as to allow some visual transparency, and others are created with the idea of a place for the bees. Built in 2012, the home is transformable to accommodate humans that might like to repurpose some pieces as furniture and enjoy the natural buzzing surrounding the pavilion.



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Un-instrusive Pop Up Street Furniture of the Netherlands

Un-Intrusive-Pop-Up-Street-Furniture-of-The-Netherlands-1 Un-Intrusive-Pop-Up-Street-Furniture-of-The-Netherlands-2

Street art and furniture in public places tends to be the last thing on the minds of public planners. Many artists have been branching out into more creative and innovative ways of putting inviting and interesting designs for the general public. Carmela Bogman and Rogier Martin of The Netherlands have come up with an interactive design for the people.

By utilizing a hydraulic system, users can determine which pieces to bring up and determine their own seated or standing heights to set the modular blocks at. There are three retractable pieces that come up to function as a lounge area, eating spot or meeting place – or just lower them all down to be flush with the cement to keep the flow of traffic moving.



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Halley: Comet Inspired Outdoor Lighting by Vibia

Halley-Comet-Inspired-Outdoor-Lighting-by-Vibia-1 Halley-Comet-Inspired-Outdoor-Lighting-by-Vibia-2 Halley-Comet-Inspired-Outdoor-Lighting-by-Vibia-3 Halley-Comet-Inspired-Outdoor-Lighting-by-Vibia-4

Wow. This is so cool. Just what you need for the long warm and dark summer nights.

The “Halley” light designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal for Vibia is a great option that adds just a touch of whimsy and class to your backyard soirees.

Inspired by the ever-famous Halley’s Comet, this fixture is a completely portable LED light to assist in illuminating a whole array of situations. Halley has the ability to extend, retract and bend in multiple ways, and it’s handy travel bag comes along for those times when you’re camping, throwing a party or just lounging on a Summer evening.



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Giant Table and Chairs as an Unconventional Horse Shelter

Giant-Table-and-Chairs-as-an-Unconventional-Horse-Shelter-1 Giant-Table-and-Chairs-as-an-Unconventional-Horse-Shelter-2

A farmer and merchant located in Doellstaedt, East Germany created these giant furniture pieces that inadvertently acted as a shelter to his livestock.

Protecting the horses from the elements, whether it be rain, sun or snow; the land owner also wanted to advertise his products for sale. Though it’s located in a relatively simple and untouched area, this shelter has garnered worldwide recognition. Certainly a whimsical outlook on any sort of conventional barn or stable.



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Booken Book Storage Table

Booken-Book-Storage-Table-For-Readers-1 Booken-Book-Storage-Table-For-Readers-2 Booken-Book-Storage-Table-For-Readers-3

While everyone is thinking vertical with book storage, here we have an absolutely stunning piece of furniture that looks to the horizontal plains for functional storage. With ‘Booken,’ each book becomes a part of the structural form.

Not only is the structure made of books being placed horizontally, but their draped areas are also serving as place holders for whatever part has been left off on whilst reading. This, in turn helps readers to come back to some of the tried and true favorites after the latest read is over. Raw Edges and furniture specialists Lema worked together on this ultimate bookworm storage piece.


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STM: Urban recycled furniture

STM - Urban recycled furniture 1 STM - Urban recycled furniture 2

STM (Société de transport de Montréal) is a public transport company in Montreal, Canada, which took all kind of old urban material, such as traffic signs, old benches, … and transformed all of these into furniture. This furniture was then put in a park where people could relax.



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