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Portraits of L.A.’s Marilyn Monroe Impersonators by Emily Berl

Emily_Berl_1 Emily_Berl_2 Emily_Berl_3 Emily_Berl_4 Emily_Berl_5 Emily_Berl_6 Emily_Berl_7 Emily_Berl_8 Emily_Berl_9 Emily_Berl_10 Emily_Berl_12 Emily_Berl_13 Emily_Berl_14

“My main criteria for photographing these people is that Marilyn has to be a large part of their lives, either as a profession or something they personally draw inspiration from. I’m less concerned about how much they look like Marilyn and more concerned about their motivations for becoming her. The women I have met through this project want to portray the real Marilyn, not the overly sexualized, overly simplified version of her.”
- Emily Berl

“Marilyn” is a series that began as a way for photographer Emily Berl to explore her new home of Los Angeles after living on the east coast for her entire life. After she moved, she started thinking about what LA represents to people and why they are drawn there, coming to the conclusion that it all leads back to the idea of the “Hollywood Dream” and how people have been chasing it for generations. Berl turned to celebrity icon Marilyn Monroe as the ultimate symbol of that dream and began photographing people who dress as Marilyn. Some are actors who consider playing Marilyn as a role. Others are life-long fans that impersonate her as a way of paying tribute to and protecting the legacy of the icon they love. Some even find such strong personal connections to Marilyn’s story that they feel impersonating her is inevitable.



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TED Talk: Amanda Palmer – The art of asking

Amanda Palmer - The art of asking 1 Amanda Palmer - The art of asking 2

Don’t make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer. Let them. In a passionate talk that begins in her days as a street performer (drop a dollar in the hat for the Eight-Foot Bride!), she examines the new relationship between artist and fan.

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I knew them first


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Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Footwear 2012

I’m still in love with the Leather Wings, Jeremy Scott did for Adidas last year.

This is Jeremy Scott‘s collection for Adidas Original Footwear 2012. I’m such a Nike girl! But a HUGE fan of Jeremy Scott.


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I Wish I Was Banksy

Street Art by an unknown artist. Only revealing that he or she is a Banksy fan!

So am I!

Via Rats Off

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