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Float Table by RPR

rpr-float-table-1 rpr-float-table-2 rpr-float-table-3 rpr-float-table-4 rpr-float-table-5

At first glance the Float Table looks like an ordinary coffee table, but it isn’t, the original table designed by RPR (Rock Paper Robot), elastically deforms and stabilizes when force is applied. The levitating wooden cubes are held with a system of tensile steel cables and when pushed reveal the table’s dynamic character.



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D*Haus Dynamic

Dynamic-Modular-Home-Design-by-D-Haus Dynamic-Modular-Home-Design-by-D-Haus-1

Modular homes don’t always mean that the utmost of luxury is on the horizon – but the D*Haus constructed typical is a surefire way to get a more upscale version of prefabricated luxury spaces out there. There isn’t a minimum or maximum to bedrooms available, and there are various versions available; ranging from D*Static to D*Lux.

Marketed as a house for all seasons, the various combinations available for the D*Haus modular homes are really infinite. Even within the normal modular configurations, the homes can transform throughout the day. Shapes and perspectives can change by the minute, with just some simple folds. Glass facades and external walls changing to interior walls are all apart of the standard designs with D*Haus.



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Dynamic Home for Bees by Atelierd

Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-1 Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-2 Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-3 Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-4 Dynamic-Home-For-Bees-by-atelierd-5

Sitting at 215 square feet, atelierd created a great looking “Bee Pavilion” in Alsace, France, with hexagonal structures. These geometric pieces are covered by a roof that allows breeze yet blocks direct sunlight out of the middle portion.

Overall, the area is dynamic – and not to mention visually stimulating. Each pod has a unique core with various textures, geometry and colors. Some are left with nothing inside so as to allow some visual transparency, and others are created with the idea of a place for the bees. Built in 2012, the home is transformable to accommodate humans that might like to repurpose some pieces as furniture and enjoy the natural buzzing surrounding the pavilion.



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Dynamic Table With Swing Seating

This is just a 3D model, but man, would I ever love to have a meeting room at work with this table. I love the idea. And I think occupational therapists would do the same :)

Via dornob

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