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HTC: The Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth

The Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth 1 The Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth 2

HTC turned 130 Snapdragon-powered HTC One smartphones into “The Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth“.



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Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest

Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest 1 Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest 2 Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest 3 Translucent Home Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest 4

Located in a forest on the mountains of Almaty in Kazakhstan, architect Aibek Almasov of A.Masow Design Studio has designed a concept for a modern spiritual retreat. The project, known as “Tree in the house”, presents a cylindrical, four-story glass space featuring an encased tree in the center. A winding white staircase allows visitors who enter the “tree house” to ascend the towering space, spiraling upward around the centric tree.

The intention behind the transparent architectural structure, tucked away in a sea of lofty fir trees, is to merge manmade industrial design with nature and “give up some unnecessary conditions and things.” The project aims to offer an alternative to bustling city life and stifling urban structures by fusing a a protective house and a natural environment without creating a visual separation.



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Thing by Daniel Mercadante

danielmercadante-00 danielmercadante-01 danielmercadante-02 danielmercadante-03 danielmercadante-04 danielmercadante-05 danielmercadante-06 danielmercadante-07 danielmercadante-08

This series of drawings is called Thing. It’s by Daniel Mercadante.



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GIF: Stay hungry

stay hungry



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View House by Johnston Marklee, Rosario, Argentina

JMARKLEE-View House-00 JMARKLEE-View House-07 JMARKLEE-View House-06 JMARKLEE-View House-01 JMARKLEE-View House-08 JMARKLEE-View House-02 JMARKLEE-View House-03 JMARKLEE-View House-04 JMARKLEE-View House-05 JMARKLEE-View House-09 JMARKLEE-View House-010 JMARKLEE-View House-011 JMARKLEE-View House-012 JMARKLEE-View House-013 JMARKLEE-View House-015 JMARKLEE-View House-016 JMARKLEE-View House-018 JMARKLEE-View House-019 JMARKLEE-View House-020 JMARKLEE-View House-021

The View House is designed by Johnston Marklee in Rosario, Argentina, under conditions generated by both the potential and limitations of large suburban developments. Situated on the vast landscape of the Argentine plains, the 3200 sq foot house occupies a 22,750 sq foot parcel. The design is driven by two conflicting desires: engaging the living experience of the house with the views of the landscape and preserving privacy from neighbors.

Planning demands and the unique position of the peripheral lot resulted in a compact massing strategy with a minimal footprint that liberates and preserves the ground. By denying the traditional front, side, and rear yard designations, the perception of the house unfolds in a continuous sequence of surfaces where every facade becomes primary.



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Contemporary Prahran Hotel Melbourne Pub

Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-1 Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-2 Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-3 Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-4 Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-5 Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-6 Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-7 Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-8 Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-9 Contemporary-Prahran-Hotel-Melbourne-Pub-13

The old Prahran Hotel in Melbourne has just undergone a pretty extensive renovation that still keeps their classic circular motifs in mind. While the previous art deco influenced space has been replaced with tunnel shaped booths and a multi-level space that features a dance floor, beer garden and an extremely long bar.

Leather, concrete, steel and glass keep this space feeling masculine; even against the soft curvature of the undeniable circular references. The concrete irrigation pipe sections are filled with booth seating, and partons are able to sit inside and watch the busy streets below. The alterations to the original 1940s facade are dramatic, yet understated and the interior is a subtle voyeuristic space that still allows for plenty of natural light to flood in during the day.



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GIF: Flower




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Life Drawing at The Book Club

Life Drawing at The Book Club 1 Life Drawing at The Book Club 2

Every easel in a life drawing class captures a different angle of the model.
The Book Club created the film by editing each drawing with the next, moving around the circle of easels.



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Circuit Wall Clock

circuit-wall-lamp circuit-wall-lamp-2 circuit-wall-lamp-3 circuit-wall-lamp-4 circuit-wall-lamp-5

The Circuit Wall Clock by Serbian Stevan Djurovic is a simple minimalist design that shows you the time with two subtle beams of light, on the outside of the clock a light shows hours, on the inside of the clock the minutes. Unfortunately this is still in concept stage.


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Revolution (Life Cycle of a Drop of Water)

Revolution ( Life Cycle of a Drop of Water)

The video depicts the revolutionary nature of the life cycle of a droplet of water and it’s cyclical journey. The project was a three-fold collaboration between myself, Helen Friel and Jess Deacon. From the original idea, through the creative development and process, our individual skill sets enabled the project to spring to life.

A film by Chris Turner, Helen Friel and Jess Deacon
Photography: Chris Turner
Paper Engineer: Helen Friel
Animation: Jess Deacon

Post Production: Neil Cunningham
Music and Sound: Joe Shetcliffe



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Snow Art by Simon Beck

Snow Art by Simon Beck 1 Snow Art by Simon Beck 2 Snow Art by Simon Beck 3 Snow Art by Simon Beck 4

Created by walking in the snow, artist Simon Beck creates mindblowingly intricate crop circle-esque works of art.



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Circular Shaped Rooftop Garden Allows 360 Degree City Views

Circular-Shaped-Rooftop-Garden-Allows-360-Degree-City-Views-1 Circular-Shaped-Rooftop-Garden-Allows-360-Degree-City-Views-2 Circular-Shaped-Rooftop-Garden-Allows-360-Degree-City-Views-3 Circular-Shaped-Rooftop-Garden-Allows-360-Degree-City-Views-4 Circular-Shaped-Rooftop-Garden-Allows-360-Degree-City-Views-5 Circular-Shaped-Rooftop-Garden-Allows-360-Degree-City-Views-6 Circular-Shaped-Rooftop-Garden-Allows-360-Degree-City-Views-7 Circular-Shaped-Rooftop-Garden-Allows-360-Degree-City-Views-8

This simple and classic rooftop garden is an unforgettable design, with the main “garden” being a circular patch of grass with elegantly shaped topiaries surrounding the sleek and simple center. Though it’s 25 stories above the teeming city, this garden is a peaceful oasis just screaming for a visitor or two.



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Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects

shoffice-1 shoffice-2 shoffice-3 shoffice-5 shoffice-6 shoffice-7

Platform 5 Architects designed this Shoffice (shed + office), a garden pavilion containing a small office alongside garden storage space. The shed/office is located to the rear of a 1950′s terraced house in St John’s Wood. The project required that the shoffice would be conceived of as a sculptural object that flowed into the garden space.

According to the architects, “The glazed office space nestles into an extruded timber elliptical shell, reminiscent of a wood shaving, and forms a small terrace in the lawn. The interior is oak lined and fitted out with a cantilevered desk and storage. Two rooflights – one glazed above the desk with another open to the sky outside the office bring light into the work space.”



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Cocoon Tree Bed

Who wants to join me for a sleep over in a Cocoon Tree Bed?

The kit of parts contains specialty aluminum rods designed specifically for the upper and lower portion of the sphere and covered in a specialized tarp. A circular bed typically takes up the whole floor space inside of the cocoon and covered in custom linens. Security nets are also provided for the ease of getting up into and down from your tree hidden retreat.


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Circle Heroes by Edzel Rubite

With this series Edzel Rubite has succeeded in fitting all the heroes into a circle. The series is called Circle Heroes.


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