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The Launch of HBO Nordic – and Why I Will Choose HBO

Last thursday HBO invited me to the launch of HBO Nordic in Stockholm – me and a few other bloggers and a bunch of journalists from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Why? To tell us about their product, their (awesome high-quality) series and how it’s going to be available soon for people in the Nordic countries in Europe. Actually we’ll get a product that’s not even available in the US yet!

What’s HBO?
HBO is short for Home Box Office and was founded in 1965. It’s the world’s most successful pay-TV service with more than 100 million subscribers in 60 countries. They are known, in specific, for their TV series, which they produce themselves. Series like Game Of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Sex & The City, The Wire and Sopranos. But they show tons of box office films too. And awesome documentaries!

Game Of Thrones

Boardwalk Empire


Hit & Miss

The Launch of HBO Nordic in Stockholm
Everything was planned perfectly. Apparently it’s not only in their TV productions that HBO demands high quality. I arrived to Stockholm to an event with delicious food and beautiful surroundings. Themed, of course. Cup cakes from Sex & The City, red True Blood drinks, pasta from The Sopranos, and meat as they eat it in Game Of Thrones.

We got to, not only listen to, but meet and talk to Simon Sutton, the President of HBO International & Content Distribution, Hervé Payan, the brand new CEO of HBO Nordic, the rest of the new Nordic staff – and Susanna White, one of the award-winning HBO Directors.

It’s all about the great story!
What I like most about HBO as a brand is their focus on the great story. Simon Sutton says it well, when he says:

“We don’t cancel a show because of ratings. We cancel a show, when we think the story is over. Or can be told in a better way.”

Why I will choose HBO
I almost never watch TV in the classic sense of ‘me, in the living room, sitting in the couch, watching whatever show or movie the channel decides to show’. It’s not that I don’t like TV. But my behavior has other needs for TV.

I want to watch whatever I feel like in that exact state of mind. Wherever I am. At that specific time a day. Or night. On any of my personal devices. Mobile. And connected. So TV can follow me, no matter if I switch from large screen in the office to iPad in the bed. And no matter if I’ve just started a series, that’s now showing season 3. Or if I’m all up-to-date and in need of the very newest episode, that just had its premiere in the US 5 minutes ago.

Each month I pay 45 euros (57 US dollars) for my cable TV, that I barely watch. But really… what suits my needs, is quality series, films or documentary – right there on my device, where I am, and when I’m ready to pay attention.

HBO Nordic can bring me this for less than 10 euros pr. month.

A long with:

  • New original series from HBO and other producers
  • Past seasons of all current series
  • Large archive of well-knowns series
  • Large archive of box office movies
  • A 48-hours rental on-demand service
  • New movies from the major studios and local distributors available at the same time as DVD

HBO Nordic offers:

  • A combined linear channel and on demand service
  • A service available on all platforms and devices
  • From mid October 2012

And you know what?
HBO Nordic is ready with the newest episodes only 24 hours after the US premiere. And they actually just say this to feel safe. Because you may be able to watch the episode just 5 minutes after the premiere. And did I mention it’s subtitled?!

Why the Nordic customers are more lucky than the rest, so far
You’ll be able to get HBO Nordic through your cable, satellite or IPTV provider. That’s how it is in the rest of the world too. But this is what I love too: In the Nordic countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland – HBO Nordic will be available as an online streaming product only. Now, how easy is this?! Yay!

Check out my photos from the trip to Stockholm and the launch at Fotografiska
- such a gorgeous location by the way!

More great news! The new series Magic City is about to start
At the launch party we got to watch the screening of the first show of the new series Magic City – starring the handsome Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the leading role. It takes place in Miami Beach, 1959 – and it’s a drama with lots of sex, drugs, gangsters, money, crime and Cuban cigars!

This was the reason for all the hot ladies serving cocktails at the launch party – and the Frank Sinatra songs during the mingling hour before heading home.

Magic City

Magic City

If you’re interested, you can:
- Register for further information about HBO Nordic
- Like HBO Nordic on Facebook
- Or follow HBO Nordic on Twitter

Thank you, HBO, for a great trip to beautiful Stockholm – with a bunch of super interesting people!

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