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Johnson & Johnson: Once Upon A Care

Johnson and Johnson -Once Upon A Care 1 Johnson and Johnson -Once Upon A Care 2 Johnson and Johnson -Once Upon A Care 3

To show parents that caring affects their children, Johnson & Johnson creates this stunt – and free e-books too. You can download the children’s books here. For every copy downloaded, Johnson & Johnson will print and donate a real version of this book to a school library to continue the cycle of care.



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Free books

idea_free books

I truly love concepts like this one: Leaving books, you don’t want anymore, for others to take. Don’t letting them just stand there at home for no use. But passing it one – for free.

And this installation is even made in a super creative wooden design.
I want an “Exchange Place” like this in my hood!



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WeChat: The Voice Donor

WeChat The Voice Donor 1 WeChat The Voice Donor 2

WeChat is the most popular messaging communication service in China. Users read through the voice function of Wechat. Just 1 minute per donor, all the 600 million users work together to make mobile audio books on phone.



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Outdoor Library by Ruetemple Architectural Studio

Outdoor Library by Ruetemple Architectural Studio 1 Outdoor Library by Ruetemple Architectural Studio 2

I absolutely love ideas (being executed) like this!
This is an outdoor library by Ruetemple Architectural Studio.



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Tablet Holding Knife Block

design_Tablet Holding Knife Block

It’s not exactly because this knife block is a beauty in itself. But! It’s very practical!

The Victorinox Knife Block iPad Holding Knife Block makes it easy to use your iPad, phone, tablet, Kindle, or even a paper cookbook right on your counter top. Look up recipes and/or watch cooking videos as you cook! The block has 13 slots to hold your various sized knives and other tools and a swivel base to access the recipe holding side easily.

This is where you can buy it.



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Mailbooks For Good. Re-gift the Gift of Reading

Mailbooks For Good. Re-gift the gift of reading 1 Mailbooks For Good. Re-gift the gift of reading 2

Mailbooks For Good is an innovation in book publishing. Thanks to a specially designed dust jacket once readers have finished the books, they are instructed to turn them inside out and reseal them. The books become pre-paid pre-addressed parcels ready to be delivered to charity.

My talented Spanish friends, Laura and Carlos – now living and working in Australia – helped creating this project. Truly awesome.

Personally I would have added a way for the book owner to write a note in the book cover, so you could leave your name and personal story or opinion in the book for the next owner to read. I think this personal touch would make people feel even more connected – and grateful for this great ‘pass it on’ concept.

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Revolution (Life Cycle of a Drop of Water)

Revolution ( Life Cycle of a Drop of Water)

The video depicts the revolutionary nature of the life cycle of a droplet of water and it’s cyclical journey. The project was a three-fold collaboration between myself, Helen Friel and Jess Deacon. From the original idea, through the creative development and process, our individual skill sets enabled the project to spring to life.

A film by Chris Turner, Helen Friel and Jess Deacon
Photography: Chris Turner
Paper Engineer: Helen Friel
Animation: Jess Deacon

Post Production: Neil Cunningham
Music and Sound: Joe Shetcliffe



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Booken Book Storage Table

Booken-Book-Storage-Table-For-Readers-1 Booken-Book-Storage-Table-For-Readers-2 Booken-Book-Storage-Table-For-Readers-3

While everyone is thinking vertical with book storage, here we have an absolutely stunning piece of furniture that looks to the horizontal plains for functional storage. With ‘Booken,’ each book becomes a part of the structural form.

Not only is the structure made of books being placed horizontally, but their draped areas are also serving as place holders for whatever part has been left off on whilst reading. This, in turn helps readers to come back to some of the tried and true favorites after the latest read is over. Raw Edges and furniture specialists Lema worked together on this ultimate bookworm storage piece.


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Much Better Now

A bookmark is stuck in a forgotten book that is one day knocked over by wind. It experiences its environment by surfing the pages that turn in to ocean-waves, enjoying the ride of its life. As the book cover closes light reveals new challenges.

You can watch the Making-Of video here:


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Book Hook

I don’t read books. But man, do I ever enjoy this design!

This is the Book Hook designed by Tell Ritterbach. And this is where you can buy it.

“The classic paper stripe as a bookmark has always been a temporary solution for me. Because I like to leave my books open I got the idea of a whole new concept.

I wanted something better. Something, whos shape similars the shape of the opened book, like a negative to the positive” and prevents it from damages. With that the idea of book hook was born. With my first sketches I let it produce as a prototype. After more improvement with regard to the material, angle and edge devolution was a marketable product of high-quality produced.

The book hook is an innovative bookmark, a practical storing place and a beautiful design object at once. I am sure that especially readers will like my book hook and it willbe a welcome gift idea for every occasion”, Tell Ritterbach says.

Thanks to Mikkel for finding this.

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Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown


These cool illustrations with Darth Vader and his son Luke are created by the Chicago-based Jeffrey Brown.


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Bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts

Kentucky-based Knob Creek Metal Arts produces a line of wonderfully imaginative bookends.


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Sleeping in Style


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What Were We Talking About?

Thanks to Hanne for this find.

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Target Bookshelf

I don’t read books. But for those you do, this Target Bookshelf is very practical. It’s created by Mebrure Oral.


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