What is the LauraJul blog
LauraJul is an inspiration blog. Here you can find your daily inspiration within design, art, photography, quotes, humor, advertising, architecture, animation and much more.

LauraJul was founded in May 2010 by blogger and owner Laura Jul, who is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Who is LauraJul
Laura lives in Vesterbro, Copenhagen – and has been working as a concept developer, copywriter, creative strategist, and creative director in the Danish advertising industry since 1999. She specializes in digital marketing, social media and one-to-one communication. For years she has been working as the Creative Director in different Copenhagen-based digital agencies.

Most of the posts are created in English. Yet some of the more personal thoughts or sharings are in Danish.

What is #FraekFredag
FraekFredag (Fræk Fredag) is Danish for Naughty/Dirty/Frisky Friday. LauraJul made up the #FraekFredag concept for Twitter in 2009, when #FollowFriday started to wear out. It gave #FF on Twitter a new meaning and it made Fridays more fun. If #FraekFredag is added to a tweet, or if a post is tagged with FraekFredag, it means that the tweet or post has a sexual touch to it. It might even be NSFW. When the laurajul.dk blog was launched in May 2010 the FraekFredag concept was included. This meant, that (close to) every Friday 15 new FraekFredag’s post were published – turning Friday in to one of the most popular days on the blog. The content of FraekFredag was enjoyed by all genders, of all ages, and all over the world. FraekFredag is now on a break. Maybe for good. Who knows. Read the thoughts behind this decision – made by blog owner Laura Jul.

Unless indicated otherwise, the pictures on this blog do not belong to me and they do not have any commercial purpose. Pictures I have taken myself belong to me. If you borrow pictures from my blog, please link back.

This portrait is shot by Danish photographer Maiken Norup.

22 Responses to About

  1. Olivia says:

    So nice of you to have let us share your pics.. would sure do connect back. I wish to share that Bird on Wire video and post a link too- is that fine..??


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  3. Xavier Xsyllman says:

    Regarding the name “FraekFredag,” here is an idea for a slightly different English translation: “Freaky Friday.” It’s not an exact translation, nor intended to be so, but the spelling is very close to the Danish word “fraek” and, in the sexual sense, has approximately the same meaning. Cheers!

    • robin says:

      Fraek is almost totally unrelated to Freak in English.

      The meaning of Fraek in Danish depends on context, and ranges from “cheeky” or “naughty” (with sexual overtones) to just “naughty” (like a toddler can be, totally not sexual).

      Freak in English has a very definite meaning. As it drifts into slang usage, it can mean an enthusiastic person, weird/eccentric, and with both positive and negative connotations.

      Sorry to piss on your bonfire – I just saw that and thought “that’s just not right!”. Haha.

      • MaryMomentum says:

        It’s true that the word “Freak” has many meanings in English speech… but it does relate to the slightly sexual or naughty meaning that’s referred to in the definition of “FraekFredag” above.

        You’ve never heard anyone referred to as being “freaky deaky” when they are being sexual in a non-mainstream way?

        Of course, most of our words have so many meanings that the context is as important as the specific terminology.

  4. Camilo says:

    Hi Laura, i liked so much what you write and the dog pillows LOL.. is so funny! I’m colombia student… i’m studyin industrial eengeniering but i’m focus on advertisement

  5. fré says:

    Bravo for yr blog…

  6. Jeg glæder mig til vi skal giftes

  7. Morten Lange says:

    Fed blog du har, med masser af god humor :-)

    Det er også et skønt glimt du har i øjnene på dit foto.


  8. ONEQ says:

    Nice to meet you.
    my name is ONEQ.

    I am illustrator in japan.
    I draw the picture element of comics of japan with a pin-up girl.
    I am very very glad.
    I want many people for me to look at a picture!

    Deep emotion!

  9. Manu says:

    ..just Stumbled up on your blog.. and loved it instantly..
    I’ll mark this one to come back to..

    greetz.. (from Belgium)

  10. hari says:

    Excellent blog!

  11. hanidiary says:

    Hi Nice blog!
    The content it’s so inspiring ;)

  12. Niels Erik Søndergård says:

    Who is Laura Jul ?

  13. Hey there,

    Thanks for featuring my photos :)

    Michael Pharaoh

  14. Carsten Terp says:

    Hej Laura

    Tak for en perlerække af gode billeder på din blog.
    Du har et fantastisk godt blik for erotik (i mangel af bedre ord) af meget høj kvalitet.

    Mange hilsner

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