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Next Journey: I Hooked Up With Contentcube

Remember November 1st 2011 when I told you, that I would start up on my own?! How I needed new challenges and needed to try off this ‘on my own’ thing, even though parts of me doubted, that I would like working this much by myself. Would I miss having close colleagues? Probably. But I still needed to try it, to find out the true answer.

So I did. And I became awfully busy. When I went home for Christmas, I was exhausted – and I knew exactly what I had to do; I had to find another person or a couple of people to do this with. To work with. To build up a company with – and to make changes with.

I had to find people with the same digital mindset and same values, but with other skills than myself. I wanted to be around great, talented people, who are awesome at what they do – so I can be awesome at what I do. And not spend all my time on the thousands of things, that come along when being all by yourself.

I met Contentcube in Founders House
I’d been sitting in the tech startup office space called Founders House. Not the obvious choice for a woman with 13 years of working experience in the advertising and digital industry. But an obvious choice to me, because I already have a huge network in ad, digital and direct. And Founders House matched my behavior and curiosity within ideas, digital trends and tech. And here, straight after Christmas, I met Contentcube!

Who is Contentcube?
Contentcube is a small web agency with 6 extremely talented people. Since 2005 they’ve been working primarily as a developer’s agency, doing their wizard thang behind the scenes. But now they were at a point where lots of new opportunities opened up – I only needed to jump onboard!

So I did!

I hooked up with Contentcube
I became a Partner and the Creative Director at Contentcube – and now I’ve started the journey with CEO Rasmus Viemose and the rest of the cool guys on turning Contentcube into a digital agency, who not only makes killer code, but also creates mobile, social and digital strategies, creative concepts and executions. And we do this with a fundamental belief in relevance and relations.

We’re all super excited. And some times super exhausted. Because there’s a lot to do. The journey has just begun. And we see so many cool opportunities.

Most important of all; I found what I was looking for. The great guys with different skills than myself, who make me wake up in the morning and smile. And who make me look forward to creating, playing and doing our wizard thang along with creating relevance and relations for – and with – our customers.


Don’t forget to follow Contentcube on Twitter and Facebook!

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13th Century Church Converted to Modern Day Library in Holland

God, how I love this transformation. And here it’s really appropriate to say God!

Located in Maastricht, Holland this 13th century Dominican church has been transformed by the architectural firm Merkx + Girod in a project known as Selexyz Dominicanen Maastricht. The massive 1,200 square meter church was built all the way back in 1294, and although it has been updated for modern day use it still maintains many of the original characteristics and design elements. Due to the enormous height of the structure, the design team decided that building multi story bookshelves vertically was the best utilization of space.


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The “No Globe” Snow Globe

“The single greatest threat to the climate comes from burning coal but despite this a whole new fleet of dirty coal-fired power stations are on the verge of being built in the UK (the first for 30 years). The snow globe was designed for Ctrl.Alt.Shift in anticipation of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009″.

Designed by UK collective Dorothy.


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Hero Kids

This series of Hero Kids illustrations are created by artist Andy Fairhurst.


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Coca-Cola: The Cheering Truck

Coca-Cola developed a ‘cheering truck’ capable of bringing the cheers of all Argentinean fans to their national football team. After traveling more than 10200 kilometers through Argentina they were able to bring the voice of over 1.000.000 football fans into one single stadium.

The campaign is created by Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in Argentina.


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Brand Spirit by Andrew Miller

Being a strategic agent at daytime, Andrew Miller is covering everyday objects in white paint for his project ‘Brand Spirit’ in his spare time. Miller is painting one branded object white, removing all visual branding, reducing the object to its purest form, every day for 100 days. He purchases each object for less than $10, it can be something he owns, something another person gives him, or something he finds. You can see more white objects and follow the project on his Tumblr.


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Holding People’s Hand

This is absolutely hilarious!
Andrew and his buddy made this experiment: What happens to people, when a stranger tries to hold theirs hands?


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Danish Minister of Finance – made in 2131 PostIts

At the Danish Ministry of Finance 4 guys played a prank on their boss, Minister of Finance Bjarne Corydon, the other day.

Bjarne Corydon is said to be “the most boring guy in Denmark”. So 4 employees decided to make him “more lively”… outside of working hours, of course.

They created a 3,15 m x 2,45 m PostIt street art installation out of 2131 PostIts in 4 colours (67 x 47 pixel). After 20 hours of preparation, it took 3 hours for the 4 guys to put him up on the window.

Check out the “Making of” video:

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$19 Million ClockTower Penthouse in Brooklyn, New York

After originally hitting the market as the most expensive condo in Brooklyn history, this stunning ClockTower Penthouse has recently been reduced from $25 million all the way down to $19 million, and rumor has it actor Jim Carrey is eyeing the property.

The incredible 7,000 square foot penthouse is located in the Clock Tower building in downtown Brooklyn, and is nothing short of breathtaking. This stunning triplex features 14 foot tall clock faces that allow plenty of natural light to enter the dwelling, while also providing amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor. The triplex penthouse is equipped with a glass walled elevator for easy access to each of the floors. The very top of the building is finished off with a beautiful crow’s nest.


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Watch out!

This photo made me look twice.
Well, way more than twice actually.


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ToyToyota – Backseat Driver

This is the world’s first mobile application that you can enjoy driving from the backseat of your car. You take a virtual drive linked by GPS to your actual driving root. Obviously fun for kids. But I don’t get the “Share on Twitter” part!! WTF! The target group for the app is (hopefully) not on Twitter yet.

Nevertheless… it just won a Gold Lion in Cannes.


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Exposure by Antony Gormley: Giant Crouching Man Patiently Awaits Global Warming

Crouching at 85 feet tall and weighing about 60 tons, Antony Gormley’s Exposure sculpture is rooted to ground in central Netherlands, reacting over time to the changing environment. Riddled with funding problems, It took nearly six years to complete.

“One of the known environmental changes that is happening is the rising of the sea level through global warming,” explains Gormley. “It is critical to me that at the time of its making this work reacts with the viewer, the walking viewer, on the top of the polder and that the surface that the viewer stands on is the surface that the work stands on. The work cannot have a plinth. Over time, should the rising of the sea level mean that there has to be a rising of the dike, this means that there should be a progressive burying of the work.”

The first step in the making of the sculpture was for Gormley to cast himself in plaster. After an extremely uncomfortable hour and a half locked in a crouching position, he translated the solid form into a geometrical system. Using software developed by Professor Roberto Cipolla of Cambridge University, the form was digitized.

As one approaches the sculpture, Gormley says: “The nature of the object changes. You can see it as a human form in the distance. It becomes more abstract the closer you get to it. And finally it becomes a chaotic frame through which you can look at the sky.”


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Where’s… where the F is he?


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The great path to inner peace


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Imaginative Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryans

The architecture team at McBride Charles Ryans decided to use clouds as construction inspiration with their absolutely stunning Cloud House. The house serves as both an addition and renovation to a double fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. The home’s exterior silhouette takes on the form of a bubbly cloud, which has been lined with wood paneling on the inside to match the dwelling’s contemporary design elements found throughout.

“The spaces within the original structure are largely white in colour, united by exotic floral hallway carpet. This journey through the space is followed by encountering a disintegrated red-coloured box. This is the kitchen, at the heart of the property, which acts as a bridge linking the major spaces. A cloud-shaped extrusion is the unexpected final space. Following the form of a child-like impression of a cloud it is a playful addition where family and friends can eat and have fun surrounded by the curved form”.


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