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Dermablend and Rico the Zombie Boy

Amazing! Rick Genest a.k.a. the Zombie Boy has eighty percent of his body covered, including intricate designs of an entire skeleton and is thematically, the depiction of a body decomposing – complete with flesh eating insects. To date Genest has spent over $17,000.00 on tattooing his body and will continue until his tapestry is finished.

Dermablend commissioned Rick Genest to do ad campaign for their body and leg cover makeup, and in the video you see Rick as he used to be with no tattoos.

Watch behind the scenes too:


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Cool Packaging: Kohberg Supports The Danish Cancer Society

To raise awareness and support The Danish Cancer Society, bread manufacturer Kohberg has released a special packaging for their rye bread buns. The packaging design was created by Envision. Very nice indeed. And just the braveness I love from a client.

Kohberg - Baking for the Breats, it says …


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Google Analytics: Online Checkout – In Real Life


Shopping online is meant to be easy. Find out where your customers are “checking out” with Google Analytics.


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I Believe I can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies) by Séb Montaz

I have blogged about these guys before. When they were walking across the sky in Paris.

This feature documentary was shot last summer. Watch 14 minutes of the final film on this adventure video blog.

“I have been filming the Skyliners on an incredible exploration into the world of free flight. Tancrède, Julien, Seb and Antoine are pioneers in ‘highlining’ – a vertiginous combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking.

We travelled from our home in Chamonix to our training ground in the Verdon gorge, testing the limits for our ultimate goal. We rigged highlines on the skyscrapers of Paris, and finally came to the spectacular cliffs and fjords of Norway.

Months of training led the Skyliners team to attempt their dream of complete freedom… the freedom of flight!”

Director/Editor: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
Sound Design: Michael Denny
Music: The Rural Alberta Advantage. Frank, AB



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Antechamber – Free Typeface


Antechamber is a new free typeface designed by Alex Varanese.


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Mini Cooper: Boo

Such a wonderful Halloween ad for Mini Cooper.


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American Gothic Remade by Jesse John Hunniford

The famous American Gothic – remade by Jesse John Hunniford. Very well done!


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Part Of The Same Thing


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Meme: Watched by Steve

Steve Jobs’ biography is watching you!
This fun thang just started. If people catch up on the idea, it can turn into a meme.
So check out the Wacthed by Steve tumblr.


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The SCAR Project

The SCAR Project is a series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors shot by fashion photographer David Jay. Primarily an awareness raising campaign, The SCAR Project puts a raw, unflinching face on early onset breast cancer while paying tribute to the courage and spirit of so many brave young women.

Dedicated to the more than 10,000 women under the age of 40 who will be diagnosed this year alone, The SCAR Project is an exercise in awareness, hope, reflection and healing. The mission is three-fold: raise public consciousness of early-onset breast cancer, raise funds for breast cancer research/outreach programs and help young survivors see their scars, faces, figures and experiences through a new, honest and ultimately empowering lens.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in young women ages 15-40. The SCAR Project participants range from ages 18 to 35, and represent this often overlooked group of young women living with breast cancer. They journey from across America – and the world – to be photographed for The SCAR Project. Nearly 100 so far. The youngest being 18 years old.

Although Jay began shooting The SCAR Project primarily as an awareness raising campaign, he was not prepared for something much more immediate . . . and beautiful: “For these young women, having their portrait taken seems to represent their personal victory over this terrifying disease. It helps them reclaim their femininity, their sexuality, identity and power after having been robbed of such an important part of it. Through these simple pictures, they seem to gain some acceptance of what has happened to them and the strength to move forward with pride.”

Check out more amazingly beautiful photos here.


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Post-It Watches by PA-Design

Cool Post-It watches by French PA-Design helps you to remember!


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Erato – Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn Cover)


Erato, the super fine Swedish a-capella group, sings their cover version of Robyn‘s Call Your Girlfriend with cottage cheese boxes!


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David Calvo Juggles And Solves Rubik’s Cubes

This is David Calvo. This is talent!


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Bright Eyed Kitty Sweater

If I could knit and had some spare hours, I’d definitely knit this.


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