Hands On: The Brand New Nokia N9

Nokia phoned me. Why? Because they will be launching a brand new smartphone in September-ish. And they thought it would be fun to meet up with me, bring 3 smartphones and let me do whatever I wanted to.

So I did! The fun part for me was the ‘breaking news’ part. To this date only very few people has held this phone in their hands. And then of course the fact that I could do as I felt. Since I didn’t have time to prepare, what you see here, is what just came to me – and to my dear friend Tobias, tonight at location. Tobias is the one, who has shot these photos for me.

The new smartphone is called Nokia N9 – and with N9 everything is just a swipe away. So they say on their website. And so it is!

  • The operating system is MeeGo – which is created by Nokia and Intel
  • It’s the very first smartphone without any buttons on the front
  • It’s a simple design – in either black, pink or turquoise
  • There’s no air between the vivid 3.9” AMOLED display and glass
  • You can shoot HD video with the 8 MP camera with wide-angle Carl Zeiss optics and dual-LED flash
  • You buy more apps from Ovi Store
  • And blah blah blah… you can check out more here

It basically has 3 screens you swipe between; your feed or events, your apps – and a screen with all the apps that are open. It’s dead easy to swipe betweens apps and features. And it has this intelligent feature, I have chosen to call a curtain, because you pull, let’s say, a video away from the screen. Neat.

The speaker, which will also be available in stores in September-ish, is a Nokia Play 360° speaker. You just tap your N9 on the speaker, and bang, it connects because of this super cool NFC technology. I like! Couldn’t be easier.

Feel free to use the photos. Just remember to link to laurajul.dk
If you want the photos in high resolution, just send an e-mail to laurajul@hotmail.com

Photographer: Tobias Happel
Location: Carlsberg Denmark

Check out the official introduction video for Nokia N9 here:

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